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    Hi and thanks for checking out my work.

    So why is my site called Hey CB?

    That's because I hear that all the time.

    A producer, editor, or a director will come to me and ask "Hey CB! How hard would it be too make the talent turn into robots?" or "Hey CB, How hard would it be to turn this power point presentation to a full HD masterpiece?" That's when I smile and nod and get to work. I am a senior designer / creative director specializing in motion design (or broadcast design if you prefer) but I've also been a  producer, shooter (cameras not guns) and occasionally a cheerer-upper of surly creative types. I've been kicking around the industry for 15 years or so now. I started out in local television and through some hard work and some key people in my life, I've been fortunate to strap on my Chuck Taylors and my one ironic tee-shirt and go to work creating day-in and day-out. I even have a few nice-looking Emmy awards to show for it.